Jerome C. Crichton, DMin, PhD.

OUR Services

We offer professional consulting services in the following areas:  

Organizational Consulting 

        * Leadership - coaching, training, and development

        * Diversity - training and education

        * Conflict Resolution - groups/teams

Mental Health Advocacy

         * Mental Health education for churches, religious organizations, schools, and businesses.

Public Speaking

         * Preaching and teaching in the Christian faith

         * Seminars, lectures, workshops, and presentations:

               Biblical/Theological issues: Preaching, Worship, Music, Social/Contemporary Issues,

               Hermeneutics/InterpretationIntercultural Awareness Development (Cultural Diversity)         

               African American Psychology, The Social Bases of Behavior, Organizational Leadership,

               and Organizational Diversity.


       * Composition

       * Arranging

       * Performance (Drummer)

       * Production 

Each of the professional services is negotiated on the basis of task, time, and travel. Please go to the contact page to inquire of our availability or simply to talk with us about how we might assist you in fulfilling your objectives. For any academic inquiries, please contact us by email at: jcrichton@alliant.edu.