Jerome C. Crichton, DMin, PhD.

Organizational Consulting


Q Solutions, LLC has been consulting to individuals, businesses, and organizations since 2003. We have consulted with a diverse array of clients including but not limited to the fields of education, real estate, psychology, social work, religion, business, sports, music, and mental health. Our services are rooted in a research based approach that encourages but is not limited to a collaborative problem solving. It means that we encourage the participation of the client or client system in the process of moving toward the consulting objectives. Some clients prefer that after we have gathered the necessary data from them, we work independently--to safeguard objectivity and impartiality--to structure processes that will enable them to reach their desired goals. In either case, we are flexible and confident that once we have established a "good fit" between the client's objectives and our services, we can deliver the mutually agreed upon services in the stipulated time and at a reasonable cost.


Whether consulting with an individual, business, or organization, we begin by honoring the unique gifts and qualities of each individual as are expressed through their spiritual intelligence--not to be confused with their religious fervor or the lack thereof. Spiritual Intelligence (SQ), hence Q Solutions, LLC, acknowledges that one of the most formidable qualities of leadership is SQ. While some theorists ascribe to Emotional Intelligence (EQ and/or EI) similar characteristics as SQ, our research suggests that SQ is not only fundamental to human nature but more comprehensive in human experience. For a critical study of SQ, see my Doctor of Philosophy dissertation: A Qualitative Study of Spiritual Intelligence in Organizational Leaders. A link to a synopsis of the dissertation is provided below: 


In very practical terms, we are committed to developing leaders through helping them to:

1. become aware of and address their deficits

2. manage and develop their strengths as stewards

3. understand the the reciprocal benefits of mentoring young or inexperienced leaders

4. stay abreast of best practices 

5. embrace personal development as a critical aspect of leadership

6. appreciate the value of cultural humility

7. move an organization froward through shaping its vision


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