Jerome C. Crichton, DMin, PhD.

The second picture was taken at Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church in Boston, MA. He was 15 years old and played with Brethren and The New Dawn. The third picture was taken at the Jamaica Plain High school prom where he led his first band and contracted his first gig at 16 years of age. The third picture was taken at Mather House, Harvard University in Cambridge, MA where he gigged frequently in the early to mid 70s. The final picture was taken at Oakwood University when he played for A Special Blend.

Throughout his years of playing drums, and his attendance at Berklee College of Music in the early to mid 70s, he learned enough piano to compose and arrange, writing charts and scores for a variety of instruments. The advent of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) technology has allowed him to express his musical ideas in a way that is convenient and affordable. The cost of a project like "Celebratin' Good Dayze" in a studio would have been astronomical. While DAWs provide convenience and affordability, they are not presently a substitute for the advantages of a studio. In time to come, that is, in the foreseeable future, the technology will provide all of the advantages of the studio. Until then, it is his hope that the musical ideas presented in this album will encourage, inspire, and provoke meaningful reflection.

Despite having played, toured, and recorded for many years, music production is a relatively new endeavor for Jerome. He was introduced to DAWs by Big Thomas McCree who was at that time a drum shed student and partner. Since then he has gained considerable ground through auto-education, trial and error. He will continue to grow in knowledge and understanding as he applies himself to two new projects: a single entitled, "One in Three, Three in One" and an album, the first two tracks of which are in production. He also hopes to expand his production work by working on projects with producers and new artists.

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New Release

Q Solutions, LLC is pleased to present the album entitled, Celebratin' Good Dayze. The album project is the first by

Jerome C. Crichton and represents four years of actually work but so many more in how the concepts and approach became consolidated. While the tracks feature Rap vocals, they are eclectic and reflect the broad variety of influences that have contributed to the ideas presented in this album. 

All of the music is original. The compositions, lyrics, and arrangements are artistic representations of his life experiences through sound. His first exposure to composing occurred at Madison Park High School in Boston, MA where in his senior year he was awarded the 1976 Distinguished Musicianship Award by Marion Fahey, Superintendent of Boston Public Schools and Peter Siragusa, Director of Music for Boston Public Schools.

Sunday May 11, 2014

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