Jerome C. Crichton, DMin, PhD.

Celebratin' Good Dayze is an album of songs that remind us of the need to celebrate good days. Some of life's challenges are simply the result of the nature of life, and others are manufactured. Some are the result of our decisions and others the result of our indecisions. In whatever way and for whatever reason our challenges come, unless we intentionally make the effort to enjoy life, most especially our relationships, we will eventually find ourselves frustrated, stressed, angry, and eventually bitter. Life will become something to be feared, tolerated, or even endured. I have drawn from significant aspects of my life to share my musical ideas and lyrical expressions in the hope that through a clean, conscious, and compelling medium, I can encourage or inspire someone to interpret or reinterpret their challenges in a way that will be positive. The album is dedicated to my mother, Lorna C. Crichton, who made her transition in September of 2010. 

  • 01 Celebratin' Good Dayze3:38
  • 02 Life is Sometimes What it Seems4:49
  • 03 Greed Rules the Day5:23
  • 04 Failure_ Friend or Foe_5:09
  • 05 I'm Thinkin4:22
  • 06 Look to the Heavens5:05
  • 07 Dirty Hands and Plastic Faces4:25
  • Failure, Friend or Foe5:08

The Changing Face of Music

The changes in music technology over the past 20 years have brought the music studio into the home. It is now possible to create a complete album from start to finish without ever leaving your house, assuming that you've done a little shopping. After spending years as drummer with numerous artists and being exposed to recording, I decided that I would build my own midi studio so that I would have to freedom to create. I already had a formal background in music. I went to Madison Park Division of Music in Boston, MA and the prestigious Berklee College of Music, also in Boston. As a youth, I spent summers at the New England Conservatory of Music learning about music composition. I also sang with choirs and a couple of quartets and worked for about a year as a sound tech while in undergraduate studies at Oakwood University. In short, I needed an outlet for my musical ideas, and the prospect of getting busy musicians together to rehearse and record and to pay for studio time was not really practical. I started my own composing on the old Apple IIGS and took off from there. The technology also took off and before long the software and the hardware evolved to such a quality as to make a home studio practical and affordable. 

All of the tracks that you'll hear on this site are my original compositions. I am currently using Logic Pro 9, an Oxygen 61 Controller Keyboard, an M-Audio Ultra Fast Track Pro Controller, a Mackie 16 Channel Mixer, a Yamaha HS10W Subwoofer, and Behringer Truth Monitors (B2031A). My compositions are eclectic and reflect the influences of R&B, Funk, Jazz, Rap, Blues, Reggae, Classical, Bluegrass, and Gospel. While my more popular pieces will be available at iTunes, CD Baby, and Gracenote; my classical compositions will be available on this site free of charge. I hope that you enjoy them. Please feel free to leave your comments on the comment page.