Jerome attended Madison Park High School Division of Music in Boston where he was awarded the "Outstanding Musicianship Award" by the Superintendent of Public Schools. He went on to Berklee College of Music, also in Boston where he majored in percussion performance. He has toured, recorded, and performed with numerous artists spanning a variety of genres. Presently, while performing occasionally, he records, produces, arranges, and composes, for The Town By the Creek Productions in Antioch, CA. 

2014 single release


"Failure! Friend or Foe?" is a single that questions the values that we place on failure. While failure is seen as something to be avoided, it is often the catalyst in success, the motivator that gets us to the next level.

This single blends a rich jazzy melodic line and harmonies with rich baritone background vocals and a resonant rhyme garnished by syncopated alto accents. The Hip Hop rhythm is driven by a deep earth-mooving bass line that sits atop a funky half-time polyrhythmic foundation that gets showcased in the last section of the track.

The track is available for digital download at iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, and Amazon. It is also available in a CD format sat CD Baby.


We provide intelligent consulting solutions for your business or organization. Our work specializes in: Leadership Development, Diversity, and Conflict Resolution. 


We utilize an integrated philosophy that sees our clients as partners working collaboratively  to build organizational intelligence and to address challenges that may be prohibitive to greater (more efficient and effective) productivity.

Our approaches are practical, research based, and affordable with the objective of empowering the organization to function optimally by addressing both the obvious and less obvious issues, and anticipating shifts in both internal and external forces.


Mental Health

​We provide educational information that is designed to help the public to understand the significance of mental health in order to assist our allies in reducing and eventually eliminating the stigma that is often associated with it. Our presentations are suitable for all ages and are adaptable to most audiences. 

We also have access to specialists in the helping professions that includes County officials, Therapists, Educators, Physicians, and Mental Health Advocates who are able to provide valuable information to Mental Health providers and organizations.


Q Solutions, LLC

Jerome C. Crichton, DMin, PhD.

Licensing agreements


All tracks are licensed by BMI and are available for use per contractual agreements with Q Solutions, LLC. For more information, please communicate with us through our contact page.

Jerome C. Crichton, DMin, phd

Jerome has spent the last 28 years working with organizations. He has worked in for profit and non-profit organizations in the capacity of CEO and currently serves as Commissioner of Mental Health for Contra Costa County, CA and is a member of the Executive Committee, and as an Adjunct Professor at Alliant International University in San Francisco, CA. He has also served as the Pastor of Every Word Ministries in Pittsburg, CA since 1998 and has been a featured speaker throughout North America, Europe, and the West Indies.